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BOB Papermaking Felt Series

1. Mixed type needle flocking felt

Using chemical fiber filament and wool blended yarns ply yarn as the warp and wool blended yarn as weft weaving with fabric, then mixing wool and chemical fiber with wool layer together. Using ith acupuncture method made of semi-finished products.

After shrinking, scouring, drying, finishing and singeing, the products will be finished. This kind of needle flocking felt yarn twist is low, coupled with the wet type, felt soft, with water fast, easy cleaning, good elasticity, generally applicable to the carpet and squeeze dehydration, vacuum suction conditions, load small paper machine making high-grade cultural paper, specialty paper, paper products such as superstition. Mixed type needle flocking felt disadvantage is strong, specifications is not stable, large size or line pressure is high and easy to narrow stretch.

2. No weft chemical fiber needled felt

With filament and wool yarn by twisting and plying as warp, winding method makes it groundless (cloth), covered with basic chemical fiber raw material for acupuncture, then dry finishing.

The process of this kind of No weft chemical fiber needled felt is simple, the variety structure change is little, because there is no latitude, the resistance to water flow is small, the dehydration performance is good, and the carpet surface varies according to the thickness of the wool layer and the fiber.

The laying of fine wool and wool mixed layer, with a fine carpet surface, good elasticity, good moisture absorption characteristics.
No weft chemical fiber needled felt generally applicable to the load is not large, the washing conditions are poor, the paper to adapt to a wide range of.

Its main disadvantage is that the specification is not stable, the elongation is larger, the door is easy to shrink, the adjustment is not easy to operate and so on.

3. All chemical fiber felt and weft
The cord is used as warp yarn, nylon heald wire is woven into the base cloth, the upper layer of the chemical fiber is arranged, the staple fiber is mainly made of coarse denier, the semi-finished product is made by needling method, and then is formed by dry method.

BOB Papermaking Felt, This kind of strength, size stability, felt elongation small, can withstand high pressure and large load line, more wear-resistant, maintain flexibility and voidage long time, alkali resistant, anti acid, acid in the use condition for a long time, will damage due to corrosion.

BOB Papermaking Felt warp twist is high, the line pressure is too high will leave felt printing, due to dry stereotypes, the surface is not soft enough, the machine needs a certain time after the softening process. In the paper machine with better washing condition, the service life is long, and the embossing phenomenon is easy to appear.

BOB Papermaking Felt usually in the press dewatering and vacuum water absorption of paper machine on the use of better effect, suitable for larger specifications, not too high on the carpet surface corrugated paper, cardboard boxes and other types of paper. 
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