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Cement Board Felt


Based on the advanced technology and experience, our company has developed a new generation of products, it has good reputation for its unique properties.

Made of multi-layer monofiament mesh and 100% nylon fiber, cement board felt is designed to produce the cement board, 

In the cement board or tile production line, Cement board felt has three major roles, forming, filter and transport.
Cement board felt has the characteristics of uniform texture, smoth surface, good permeability, good filterability, stable operation and long life.

Width range : 1.2~205M;
Length range : 8.0~50.0M;
Weight range : 1400~1700G/㎡

Technical indicators:
Tensile breaking strength : 6000~10000N/5CM
Tensile deformation rate : lengthe deformation rate:2%  Width deformation rate:2%
Permeability( filtration performance) : 1000~1200MM/S (200Pa)
PH value : 6~11   

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Add: Jingjiu Railway West, Wugong Town, Raoyang County, Hebei, China
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