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Characteristics of coal mine nets

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1. Friction is not easy to produce static electricity. In the underground environment of coal mines, the average surface resistance of plastic networks is below 1 × 109 Ω.

2. Good flame retardant performance. In an open fire environment, only melt does not burn, even if the combustion is not more than 10 S.

3. anti-corrosion ability is strong, anti-aging.

4. easy construction and transportation. The plastic net is relatively soft, and it is not suitable to scratch workers during construction. It also has the advantages of easy curling, cutting, and light specific gravity, thus facilitating underground transportation, carrying, and construction.

5. Easy to wash coal. The density of this plastic net is between 0.89 and 0.91, which is less than the density of water. During the coal washing process, the broken mesh band floats in the water and is easy to be washed off.

6. Both vertical and horizontal directions have strong bearing capacity. After pressure and placement, the molecular structure of the plastic network is equivalent to redirection, and the tensile strength of the material is 2-3 times that of the unstretched. The ribs and ribs formed by two-way stretching are perpendicular to each other. This structure allows the pressure imposed on the false top mesh surface to be effectively transmitted through the nodes to the surrounding ribs, thus greatly improving the overall compression capacity of the mesh surface, and thus it is not easy to cause muscle fracture. And because the plastic net is bidirectional Stretching rather than weaving, Therefore, the creep variable of the mesh hole is small, and the mesh hole size is uniform, which can effectively prevent the falling of the coal block, protect the safety of the underground workers and the safety and smooth operation of the mine truck.

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