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Installation and Use of Filter Cloths

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Since the filter press itself is of the same specification, the different filtration accuracy, speed, etc. required for different filtering objects are all achieved by using different filter filter cloth, also known as filter filter bag, and each filter filter. The filter board is wrapped with a filter cloth. For the requirements of different filter objects, such as acid-base resistance, tensile strength, filtration accuracy, filtration speed, etc., the filter material, model, and then according to the size, shape, processing of the filter bag matching the filter, set on the filter cloth can be, So the filter cloth is the heart of the filter, and so is the filter press.

Filter class
1 When installing the filter cloth, the part of the filter cloth on the frame should be kept flat and fixed so as not to damage the filter cloth when the filter cloth is pressed.
2 filter cake adhesion time on the filter cloth should not be too long, too long will cause the filter cloth deformation and drooping.
3 When removing the cake, you should shovel the cake along the direction of the filter cloth.
Belt filter type
1 The length of the filter cloth(including the length of the joint) required should be measured correctly.
2 When stitching, it is necessary to ensure that the two ends of the weft line coincide or parallel to prevent running bias in the filter cloth during operation. Wanguan Hardware Power Grid Editing for everyone
3 Interface should pay attention to the direction of operation, so that the scraper does not block the filter cloth interface and damage the filter cloth or block the filter cloth.


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