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Installation instructions for polyester mesh

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Use instructions
1, before the Internet with the machine correction, each roller rotation is flexible, no impurity and dirt. Put the net into the workshop one week in advance to adapt to temperature changes.
2, should avoid contact with sharp edges and corners when surfing the Internet, strictly prohibit smoking and open fire work near the net. Strictly follow the network surface to run the line on the Internet and prohibit the reverse. The net mouth should be aligned, and the thread is not allowed to be connected from both ends.
3, the operating temperature of the net must not exceed 150 °C, and no impurity or dirt is allowed on the surface before each operation. The net must be soaked in water before operation. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited. Rinse with water after shutdown to prepare for next boot.
4, the initial running tension is not too large, after the operation is stable, add Zhanglishang material. Due to the characteristics of the polyester network itself, there will be physical changes in the initial operation, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation.
5, the storage conditions of the net: temperature about 20 °C, about 50 % relative humidity. Due to different temperatures and humidity in various regions, try to use the network first.
6, net cleaning: pay attention to the scientific use of cleaning agents, chemical cleaning must be selected neutral or 5 % of the cold lye solution with soft brush brush, and then immediately with clean water rinsed.
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