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Knowledge Of Polyester Forming Fabrics

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  Paper making polyester forming fabrics can be divided into 4-shed, 5-shed, 8-shed, 16-shed, 24-shed according to the weaving type.  There are three common items:single layer, double layer, two-and a half layer fabric and triple-layer fabric.

Benefits of polyester forming fabrics                                                                                                                                      

1.Good top layer smoothness;                                                                                            
2.Excellent formation and excellent fiber support;                                                                      
3.No fabric marking and easy to clean;                                                       
4.Very good stable and wear resistance;                                                     
5.Good paper threading and retention.

Application of polyester forming fabrics :                                                                    
2.Newsprint,writing paper;
3.Tissue paper;
4.printing paper,kraft paper.



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