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Maintenance of polyester forming net

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  1. There are many factors influencing the service life of polyester forming net. It is not only affected by the forming mode of paper machine (such as long screen paper machine, web clamping paper machine, web folding paper machine, etc.) and the technological conditions of paper machine (such as material, shape design, pulp type, proportion, filler type of dewatering element). The influence of the content of the class, vacuum degree, net speed, tension of the net, cleaning of the net and retention rate of fine fibers, etc. It is also related to the structure and type of the net itself (e.g. multi-wire mesh, single-wire mesh, single-layer mesh, multi-layer mesh, mesh thickness, etc.). Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the net, various factors should be considered comprehensively in the actual production. Generally speaking, the main factors affecting the service life of polyester forming net are power consumption, water filtration rate and operation cost per ton of paper. In the process of using polyester forming net, the service life of the net can be judged correctly according to the above three factors, which is conducive to the planned organization of production.

 2.  Because of the affinity of polyester materials to foreign bodies and the easy adhesion of micro-particles and fine fibers to the                  surface, it is necessary to distinguish the types and sources of foreign bodies when cleaning. Effective cleaning of polyester forming        net.


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