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Polyester Woven Dryer Fabrics Manufacturer and Supplier

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    Defeng company is a leading manufacturer of polyester woven dryer fabrics. The products are produced by 100% polyester monofilament material. According to the different weave type, the polyester woven dryer fabrics can divide into three-shed woven fabric, four-shed woven fabric and other types. Also, it have the single layer type and double layers type.


    There are different seam type of polyester woven dry fabric: endless seam, pin seam, spiral seam and double loop seam. Because of the different weave type, seam type and layers, the hole size and shape also will be different.


    This kind products are widely used for solid and liquid filtration, such as paper drying, sludge dewatering and so on. Paper dryer is the core application of polyester woven dryer fabrics.


    High-temperature is the most important feature of polyester woven belt. The fabric will carry the paper sheet to travel around a large-diameter heated cylinder for water evaporation. Except heat resistance, wear resistance, lightweight, smooth surface, chemicals resistance are also the properties of polyester woven fabric. Non-toxic means that this product can used for food industry. 



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