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polyester fiber

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   Polyester fibers have many excellent textile properties and wearability. They are widely used. They can be made of pure textiles. They can also be blended with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other chemical fibers. They are made into wool-like, cotton-like, silk-like and linen-like fibers with various colors, strong scraping, easy washing, drying, ironing and wearability. Textile. Polyester fabrics are suitable for men's and women's shirts, coats, children's clothing, indoor decorative fabrics and carpets. Because polyester fibers have good elasticity and fluffiness, they can also be used as cotton floss. In industry, high strength polyester fibers can be used as tire cord, conveyor belt, fire hose, cable, fishing net, etc. It can also be used as electrical insulation material, acid-resistant filter cloth and paper blanket. Non-woven fabrics made of polyester fibers can be used for interior decorations, carpet undercloth, medical industrial fabrics, floss, lining, etc. Polyester fibers have excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good electrical insulation, sunlight resistance, friction resistance, mildew resistance, good chemical reagent resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance. At room temperature, it has a certain ability of resisting rare acid and poor alkali resistance. The dyeing performance of polyester fibers is poor. It is generally necessary to dye polyester fibers with disperse dyes at high temperature or in the presence of carriers. Polyester fabrics are commonly used in women's wear, casual pants, and windbreakers. Application of polyester fabric and outdoor windbreak. Therefore, polyester fabrics are becoming more and more popular in the market nowadays.


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