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Blend Asbestos Tile Felt

  • Brand: Defeng
  • The place of origin: Jingjiu Railway West, Wugong Town, Hengshui, China
  • Quality certification: ISO9001
  • Month productivity: 50,000 square meters
  • Lowest order quantity: 10 sqm
  • Packing : foam with plastic outside or wooden cases
 Using asbestos fiber and cement as the raw material then throughthe pressing of board, it becomes the roof waterproof material. Blended asbestos felt is divided into small according to the size. In addition, there are three types of tile supporting the roof with the shape of the back tile. The character of blended asbestos felt is a good tension and large single area. In addition to this, it has the characters offire-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, heat, cold, light weight and so on. The price is competitive, easy to make and widely used in paper industry.
  Blended asbestos felt is designed for the production of asbestors-coment tile. It is made of spercial high-strength synthetic filament and wool yarn blended together with the twist for the warp, weft with blended woo; yam for weaving fabric, it is completed after fulling, washing, napping, drying and other procedures. Our company has developed a new generation of products.
  Compared with the original products, it has the characteristics of fine and smooth, soft, good filterability, easy to clean, good elasticity, long life and other advantages.
  The size of fels is provided by the customers, the weight of felt is from 1700-1800g/㎡。
 Fabric blending asbestos tile blanket Fabric blending asbestos tile blanket


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