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Function(after-treatment) Papermaking Felt

  • Brand: Defeng
  • The place of origin: Jingjiu Railway West, Wugong Town, Hengshui, China
  • Quality certification: ISO9001
  • Month productivity: 50,000 square meters
  • Lowest order quantity: 10sqm
  • Packing: foam with plastic outside or wooden cases
      On the base of former felt, the felt is treated by spercial chemicals, which is better in characters, it includes anti-dirt, anti-fussing, wear-resistant, water-washing and soft treatment papermaking felts.

Having the characters of anti-high-press, anti-dirt and anti-fussing and wear-resistant, clean oneself and easy to wash and clean, long life. Suitable for kinds of paper and paper board and other high grad tisse paper, spercial paper etc, the felt is used for middle and high-speed paper machine, espercially for producting high grad paper and paper board etc, which substitute for imported felts.

 Functionality papermaking felt series Functionality papermaking felt series


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