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Polyester Spiral Press-Filter Fabrics

  • Brand: Defeng
  • The place of origin: Wugong Town, Raoyang County, Hebei, China
  • Quality certification: ISO9001
  • Monthly capacity: 50,000 sqm
  • Minimum order quantity: 10sqm
  • Packing: foam with plastic outside or wooden case
     Polyester Spiral Press-Filter Fabrics is add the filler wire into spiral ring, so the air permeability is reduced and less material loss on the surface of the fabric.
     Mainly used in paper making, printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical, ceramics and solid-liquid separation industries like sludge dehydration.

Polyester Spiral Press-Filter Fabrics Polyester Spiral Press-Filter Fabrics
Spiral filter press cloth Spiral filter press cloth

 Types of Spiral Press-filter Fabrics  Medel of Fabrics  Wire diameter (mm)  Strength (N/cm)  Permeability (m³/㎡h)
 Warp Weft  Filler  Area of the surface
 Large Loop
 LW4080IV  0.90  1.10  0.90×4  ≥2300  10231±500
 LW4080V  0.90  1.10  0.90×5  ≥2300  6317±500
Medium Loop  LW3868III  0.70  0.90  0.80×3  ≥2000  10320±500
 LW3868IV  0.70  0.90  0.80×4  ≥2000  8500±500
Micro Loop  LW3252III  0.52  0.70  0.68×3  ≥1800    2850±500
Medium Loop (Flat Wire)  LW3868J  0.70  0.70  (J)0.24*0.85  ≥2000  10100±500

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