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Development Leading Brand for Polyester Fabrics, Polyester Forming Fabric, Polyester Forming Wire and Paper Machine Clothing.

Hebei Defeng Polyester Fiber Co.,Ltd.
Hebei Defeng Polyester Fiber Co.,Ltd.
Hebei Defeng Polyester Fiber Co.,Ltd.
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Our main products include Paper Machine Clothing, Polyester Forming Fabric, Polyester Forming Wire, Sludge Dewatering Belt, Vacuum Filter Belt, Polyester Spiral Fabrics, Polyester sludge dewatering belt, Polyester vacuum filter belt, Desulfurization filter cloth, Polyester dryer fabrics and Polyester Mesh and so on. The products are widely used in wood-based panels industry, FGD in power plant, mine tailing disposal, waste water treatment, juice squeeze and paper making, food conveyor, pharmacy industry etc.
We would like to provide more technical supporting and solutions on the basis of detailed specification which requested from the customers.
 Our company established in 1991 , also has more than 100 stuffs
 A 20-years experience of devoting, and now our  company has been one of the high appreciated companies in China
 Our company has a volume of more than 5 million

 The overseas market sales volume accounts for 60%, spreads the global more than 30 countries and the zone
 Since establishing our factory, we always expand the scale of production and improve the quality of products
 We own 30 take-up machines, 1 automatic polyester spiral mesh assembly machine, 3 auto-matic ease-hardening machines which are controlled by micro-computer with double heating resources, 5 heavy type weaving looms with necessary accessories, 5 weaving looms for polyester forming fabric and 40 automatic joining machines and so on.
 We control the yield of product strictly, so the quality is guaranteed
 Our general manager Mr. Zhao Xingwang is the vice president of Hebei Province Textile Association who engaged in the polyester fabric producting industry for many years
 Relied on the recourse of technique department, product department and sales department to proceed
 Our sales department will make a ICP Research and provide the new market and information
 Our technology department will prove the feasibility, then the scientist will make it a explore
 We have a professional team to deal with the problem occurs, and wait for your news within 24 hours
 We have a high quality service before and after sale, make a good, long and friendly cooperation
 Cohere all commitment, endeavour to succeed; strive for excellence, forge quality brand
 To fight in union, to innovate
Sludge Dewatering
Belt type filter press
Belt type filter press
Belt type filter press
Sludge dewatering
Belt type filter press
About Us
Hebei Defeng Polyester Fiber Co.,Ltd
       Hebei Defeng Polyester Fiber Co., Ltd estabilsehd in 1991 has become one of the largest polyester fabrics and felts manufacturers after more than 20 years' development. Today, our staff has reached up to over 300 and the total sales volume beyond 5 million U.S. dollars. Its 60% sales are oversea market, permeated in 30 countries and regions all over the world.

         We would like to provide more technical supporting and solutions on the basis of detailed specification which requested from the customers.
Hot line: +86-0311-85355781


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We are manufacturers of industrial fabrics for paper machine clothing. The main products include paper machine woven drying screens, forming screens and press felts.



About sewage treatment

To incomplete statistics, China's printing and dyeing wastewater discharge accounts for about 40% of the total industrial wastewater discharge, reaching 4106-5106 M3 / D, and discharges more than 950 million tons of wastewater every year The printing and dyeing wastewater is a kind of industrial was



The Development Prospect and service of the company

Hebei Defeng Polyester Fiber Mesh Co. , Ltd. is specialized in producing polyester mesh products for more than 20 years. Through continuous research and development in recent years, experiments have proved that Our products are suitable for all kinds of wood fiber, particleboard, medium fiber, orien



Polyester Mesh Filter Screen

Polyester mesh filter screen is a fabric used to separate solid particles from gas, water or other materials. Our polyester strainer series is made from high-quality polyester monofilament yarns with stable physical properties, making them ideal for the printing and filtration industries. Depending on your filtration requirements for certain size particles, all meshes are semi-permeable and have suitable pore sizes.


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  • Q Polyester vacuum filter belt

    A     It can be used for FGD in power plant, mine tailing disposal, metallurgical, chemical, coal chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other solid-liquid separation industries.
  • Q The using temperature of polyester fabrics

    A     The using temperature of polyester fabrics cant exceed 150 degree, the tension of single layer forming wire control at 40-50N/cm, multi layer forming wire control at 60-70N/cm and dryer fabric control at 15N-25N/cm.
  • Q The preparation work before the replacement of filter cloth

    A     Before removing the old filter cloth, all spare parts above the filter disk cleaning must be cleaned and washed, it had better to finish all repairing work above the filter disk.
  • Q The classification of polyester fabrics

    A     According to usage can be divided polyester forming fabrics, polyester woven dryer fabrics, polyester spiral dryer fabrics, polyester spiral press-filter fabrics, sludge dehydration fabrics ( press-filter fabrics), polyester vacuum filter belt, polyester square open mesh fabrics, wood based panel industry fabrics and washing pulp fabrics etc.
  • Q What are the polyester forming fabrics?

    A     According to the weaving type, polyester forming fabrics can be divided into 4-shed, 5-shed, 8-shed, 16-shed, 24-shed etc.
    According to the category, it can be divided onto single layer fabric, double layer fabric, two-and a half layer fabric and three-layer fabric.

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