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An introduction of polyester screen cloth

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The polyester screen cloth is made of first-class polyester monofilament threads, which make the cloth durable, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and hard-wearing.


Usually, polyester screen cloth could be utilized in mining industry for sieving conveyor belt, the manufacture of conveyor belt, high density board, food dehydration, sludge drying equipments, concentrate and other filtration industries.


Polyester screen cloths are mainly adopted in special lines of paper making industry, such as paper pulps production, packing and liner cardboard manufacture and so on. This material can also be supplied in the colour white, but blue is often preferred as it is easily detectable between the products in case of damage.


Polyester screen cloth     Polyester Screen Cloth

Due to its wide capacities, we usually select the polyester cloth to apply in the field of food processing. Mostly polyester fabric is predominantly used as the food processing fabric, such as utilized for washing fruit and vegetables within the agricultural sector.


Small foods may benefit from polyester screen cloth with a small mesh opening, where larger sized food may process better on polyester fabric with a bigger aperture.

Production process: 

During production, first we put the warp wires on the beam, drawing the warp wires into heddle and reed. Then our expert weaver will start weaving mesh according to orders. 

Initial survey is taken during and after weaving. Then the heat setting treatment and physical properties inspection will be done before we get tentative finished rolls of industrial polyester screen cloth. (normally 60-500 meters rolls). 

In the end, after the final inspection, we will cut the mesh into small rolls (20m-50m) in accordance with customer orders.




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