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100% nylon fiber Cement Board Felt in China

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The Cement Board Felt with high-quality fiber and minerals as main ingredients. Based on advanced technology and experience, Defeng has developed a new generation of products and enjoys a high reputation for its unique performance. Cement board felt is made of multiple layers of monofilament mesh and 100% nylon fibers, and is designed to produce cement boards. In a cement board or tile production line, the cement board felt has three main functions, namely forming, filtering and transportation. The cement slab has the characteristics of uniform texture, smooth surface, good permeability, good filterability, stable operation, and long life.



Width range: 1.2 ~ 205M;

Length range: 8.0 ~ 50.0M;

Weight range: 1400 ~ 1700G /

Technical index: Tensile breaking strength: 6000 ~ 10000N / 5CM

Tensile deformation rate: Length deformation rate: 2% Width deformation rate: 2%

Permeability : 1000 ~ 1200MM / S (200Pa)

PH value: 6 ~ 11


Features and advantages:

1. The fabric consists of thick nylon monofilament and needle punching.

2. Tough pressure for planting hair fiber structures of different thicknesses horizontally.

3. Capable of withstanding large pressure, difficult to compress, and small pressure loss.

 4. Flexible design, no need for edging or capping, always created in a solid color

5.Excellent acoustic performance

6. There are many colors to choose from

7. Realize unlimited brand and design possibilities through customized color printing and internal customized cutting

8. Lightweight and easy to operate

9. Made of 100% polyester fiber without chemical binder

10. Made with at least 65% post-consumer recycled materials

11. Highly durable, providing long-term stability and performance

12, Safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergic

13, Without any red list of chemicals

The Cement Board Felt is made of fiber, special cement, and other materials. It is processed by computer accurate batching, high-pressure molding and special process.The Cement Board Felt does not include other harmful substances. The performance, for example, is that the country is vigorously promoting the development and application of new building material products.

We manufacture fiber cement board production line. It is used for simple building boards, cheap, very easy to install, rainproof, sun protection, windproof. It is an economical material.



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