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2019 Best Single Layer Dryer Felt

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Papermaking felts play an important role in the papermaking process. They are used to dewater the wet paper conveyed from the forming section of the paper machine to smooth the surface and transfer the paper without stains. We provide drying blankets and dryer screens, including single-layer, double-layer, triple-layer, chemical treatment, paper felt and pulp felt.

Single Layer Dryer Felt

Single Layer BOM Felt consists of a single-layer base structure and a fiber layer. . The base layer is woven from synthetic filament or multi-filament. The structure is meant base on a different paper machine, different press position and different sorts of paper. The fiber layer consists of a various lap of fiber web and different diameters of fiber for the simplest trainability and fiber support index.

Single Layer Dryer Felt is good quality properties like less elongation, easy to scrub, no-mark on paper, long-life performance, etc. and may be utilized in all different sorts of paper making machines to supply all different sorts of paper. Single Layer Dryer Felt has the characteristics of excellent filterability, no trace, heat resistance, humidity resistance, aging resistance, uniform structure, wear resistance, stable size, high strength, high-pressure resistance, easy operation, and long life. Anti-static drying felt, especially used for special thin paper, has the great characteristics of preventing the paper from being broken thanks to the electrification of the dryer part.



Single Layer Dryer Felt can be used in many industries, such as military industry, electrician, textiles,aerospace, shipbuilding, precision machinery, electrical appliances, electricalWires, aircraft manufacturing, parts of specific machinery, stainless steel polishing, marble polishing, etc.

We specialized in producing all kinds of Layer Dryer Felt.



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