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Anti-static Polyester Screen Mesh

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Hebei Defeng Polyester Fiber  Co., Ltd. specializes in conveying and driving belts for artificial board equipment, special transportation and transmission belt for furniture processing industry, and has been working to provide customers with high quality and high quality service for many years. We sincerely solve the problems encountered in the industrial belt for our customers. Wood-based panel industry: the mesh belt used on production equipment such as medium-fiber board, shaving board, solid wood floor, deck and middle-fiber board sticker. For example, pre-pressing machine, spreading machine, finished product board conveying, feeding machine and other equipment will use the imported conveying belt: 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 6.0 mm (special belt for medium-fiber plate pre-pressing machine), 6.0 mm (special belt for shaving board prepressing machine) and 8-10 mm polyester mesh belt. Anti-static mesh belt

Wood-based Panels Processing Conveyor Belt it is easy to install and also shorten the machine stop time and guarantee continuity, stability and high effectiveness of the modern industrial production.


1.  In order to the inlet mesh belt pass nose roll ( 6 mm thin shaft) and then it can keep the balanced conveyor, rectifying deviation easilyfirm, durable and high temperature resistance etc, we use the special polyester monofilament to weave and we also make special coating on the surface and use the spiral seam(replace the hot press form) in order to reach the demand of equipment for belts.


2. Slab heating belt have the characteristics of good thermal capacity, sability,firm and durable ,it can make the slab effect is more obvious , adopt spial joint and pin joint .   


3.  Air permeability use special thread, wear resistance , tensile, it can fit any chemicals introduced into the artificial board industry, it can make the belt have excellent air permeability, the polyester anti-staic fabrics black thread have the features of good antistatic and anti -adhesive, Effectively prevented fiber blocked the belt, Improve production efficiency , about the joint , we can make endless joint, pin joint, spiral joint. We can also make the joint according to your usage situation.


4. Paving belt have the characteristics of Strong structural stability, easy deviation correction,firm and durable. Favorable to improve the work efficiency, about the joint can use steel-clip joint, spiral joint.


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