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Cleaning Method of Polyester Forming fiber

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Due to the strong affinity of polyester single wire, it is not easy to clean, so cleaning is also relatively difficult. For example, low-speed and high-speed paper machine net cleaning methods are different. 

(1) Low pressure water and chemical cleaning of low-speed paper machines are numerous in China. Due to production conditions and other restrictions, it is impossible to install high-pressure cleaning systems. At this time, low-pressure water washing can be used. And periodically use chemical cleaning methods. According to production practice, for the speed of about 100 meters per minute, a clean water of 0.4-0 .6 Mpa(gauge pressure) can be used for flushing(usually at least two spray pipes are installed, and complex nozzles are not installed, Only a small hole with uniform cloth can be drilled on Guanshang.) In addition, using the time of each stop or replacement, oil cleaning agents, hydrochloric acid, ethanol and benzene mixtures, banana water, etc. are used for cleaning. For individual holes that are severely blocked, nylon brushes can be used. The effect is better

(2) Low-pressure water and auxiliary high-pressure water gun cleaning for low-speed paper machines has no high-pressure water system, and when it is not easy to use chemical cleaning, low-pressure water and assisted high-pressure water gun cleaning can be used. High pressure water gun pressure 4.0-5 .0 Mpa, it should be noted that high pressure water can not be aimed at a fixed place, water gun water spray 200-400mm from the net, to constantly swing to prevent damage to the net. 

(3) The method of flushing through the gap between the inner ring and the roller is widely used in recent years and is one of the effective cleaning methods. Install the impact water spray tube on the drive roller and the return net into the seam, so that the pulp can be washed away and the water can penetrate the cleaned net. Sometimes between the net and the roller of the guide roller, a water spray tube is installed to clean the net

(4)High-pressure water spraying is the use of a 1.0-4 .0 Mpa water pressure on the polyester forming net, and the reciprocating motion of the nozzle is used to flush the net. Dehydration voids are clean and free of congestion. It is very important to improve one of the factors of the high pressure water spraying device and its cleaning function and the life of the net. For example, the position of the spray pipe, the nozzle form, the injection angle, the diameter of the nozzle, the distance from the nozzle to the net, the tension of the net: the speed and the weaving structure of the net. 3. The wear polyester forming network of the polyester forming network runs on the network case is the contact between the weft line and the network case, which is called the weft wear method. Its wear can be roughly divided into three categories, traction wear, lag wear and transverse wear.


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