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Detailed introduction of sludge dewatering fabrics

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The selection of sludge dewatering net is very important to the performance of dehydration, and the filter net plays a key role in the application of strip filter press. The quality of its performance and the correctness of the type selection directly affect the filtering effect. The filter used at present * is a common filter made of synthetic fibers that can be divided into polyester, vinyl, polypropylene, and nylon according to the material. Polyester and so on. In order to achieve the ideal interception effect and filtration speed, the selection of sludge dewatering net also needs to be based on the granularity, density, chemical composition and filtration process conditions of the slurry. Due to the difference in the material and method of weaving, its strength, elongation, permeability, thickness, etc. are all different, which affects the filtration effect. Therefore, our company has specially created a kind of herringbone mesh for the band filter press. band, This herringbone design structure allows the sludge and mesh to be stripped quickly, not easy to dip in mud, a large amount of mud, easy to clean, and easy to connect. This kind of herringbone sludge dewatering net is mainly used for belt filter press, rubber belt vacuum filter press, horizontal vacuum belt filter press. Widely used in municipal domestic sludge filtration, food, beverages, chemicals, leather, welding materials, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, electroplating, oil fields, coal mines, winemaking, animal husbandry, kitchen wastewater, water plants, power plants, steel mills and other industries Sludge mills Pulp press, juice concentrate press and other special industries.


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