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Effects of waste water

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 sludge dewatering belt

With the development of society and Chemical Industry, water bodies such as rivers and lakes have been seriously polluted in the last twenty years, especially the river sediment, which contains a lot of polluting substances In particular, the disease-causing, ecological damage to the persistence of hard-to-decompose organic matter, heavy metal ions seriously exceeded the standard. These harmful substances through the food chain accumulation and expansion effect, will affect human health, damage the natural environment and ecosystems. In addition, the key to the Algal Bloom remains the sediment. Sediment pollution in water bodies is a worldwide environmental problem, which is aggravated by human factors. Pollutants enter water bodies through atmospheric deposition, wastewater discharge, rainwater leaching and washing A large number of refractory pollutants accumulated in the sediment of water body and gradually enriched. The concentration of pollutants dissolved in water was greatly affected by the sediment. It is imperative to treat the polluted sediment. Although the waste mud is polluted and the pollution is single, it will do great harm to the surrounding environment if it is discharged directly or not disposed properly.

The discharge of the waste mud into the water body will increase the amount of sediment in the water body, cause siltation in the river course, affect the flood of the river course and aggravate the flood disaster

The waste mud flowing into farmland or burying directly will affect the physical and chemical properties of soil, such as air permeability, and then affect the growth of crops

Waste mud discharged to fish ponds and other farms, will cause water turbidity, Hypoxia, affect the growth of fish and so on;

 The discharge of waste mud into the urban environment will affect the urban environmental health, public facilities safety and residents travel.



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