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Guide for use of strainer tape

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1. belt filter press net with large tensile strength, strong anti-wrinkle, single wire mesh, flexibility.

2. filter joint adhesive works well, use imported latex, thin, not easy to fall off. The joint reeds are relatively fine, strong and wearable. The thickness of the interface is uniform and thin, and it is not easy to hurt the scraper.

3. the glue used on both sides of the filter tape is imported latex, soft and uniform, not easy to fall off.

4. the surface of the net belt is smooth, the mud cake is easy to peel, and the filter belt is easy to rinse.

5. the path of the net is not easy to deform, do not arch, do not fold. Long service life, with acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature(can be operated in an environment of 180 °C for a long time) and other characteristics. Filter belt performance: filter cake thick, easy to regenerate, filter cake easy to peel. Stable, no deformation, no deviation, no pleats, large tensile strength, strong acid and alkaline resistance. Can withstand high, low temperatures. Good air permeability. Filter tension is generally controlled at 0.3-0 .7 MPa, and the common value is 0.5 MPa. The walking speed of the net belt is 1 to 9m/min. Different specifications and sizes can be customized. Defeng can provide product selection, size measurement, door installation, machine commissioning and other one-stop services. The company promised: "preferential prices, Efficient after-sales service." Products are widely used in urban sewage plants, paper mills, printing and dyeing plants, chemical plants, electroplating plants, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, ceramics plants, mines and other industries sludge dehydration.


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