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Importance of sludge dehydration

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  The large amount of nutrients and organic matter in the sludge will consume a large amount of oxygen in the water body, making algae vicious breeding and seriously affecting the quality of water resources; A large amount of heavy metals and other harmful substances in the sludge will contaminate the soil and crops; In addition, parasitic eggs and pathogens in the sludge can cause infectious diseases when they are serious. Due to the huge amount of sludge in the city, poor treatment will have a great impact on the environment. The water content of fresh sludge produced by sewage treatment is generally more than 98 %, and it is very large and liquid, which is not conducive to transportation and treatment. It is also very unstable in nature, prone to corruption, odour, and environmental security. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the reduction and stabilization in a timely manner.

  The purpose of sludge dehydration is to further reduce the volume of sludge and facilitate subsequent treatment, treatment and utilization.

Remove objects: capillary and adsorbed water

  Classification: Natural dried flower dehydration and mechanical dehydration

  Natural desiccation is suitable for dry climate, small amount of mud, large site, and sanitary conditions. The water content can be reduced to less than 65 %. Dehydration facilities are dry beds.

  Vacuum filtration dehydration uses vacuum extraction to cause pressure difference on both sides of the filtration medium, resulting in dehydration driving force.


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