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application of filter net abd press cloth

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 our company produces the following products:

 Vacuum drum machine filter cloth: corn protein filtration, sugar slag filtration, and pharmaceutical companies penicillin, bacterial protein, strong acid resistance, acetone, and other special filter cloth. And for the German BHS company RPF pressurized filter Oulifu, Shandong Anqiu Wenrui, Yidian machinery, Haijiang filter press, Jierui and other equipment manufacturers produced vacuum folding drum machine, vacuum pre-coated fixed drum filter machine supporting special import filter cloth and foreign imported drum machine long-term filter cloth.

  Vacuum horizontal filter machine special filter cloth: good filtering effect, easy to clean, high strength, high accuracy; High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong regenerative ability and other characteristics; And Shandong Yantai Tongxing Industrial, Huzhou Nuclear Star, Nucleus, Nucleus, Nucleus, Nucleus, Tianyuan, Nucleus, Nuclear Industry, Jinjian Machinery, 702 Plant and Foreign UCEGO, EMICO, DELKOR, RPA Imported filter machine supporting special import filters. Used for power plant wet desulphurization, phosphorus fertilizer filtration, Potassium fertilizer filtration, mine smelting filtration, gold copper mine filtration, amino acid filtration and other solid liquid separation, solid gas separation and filtration.

  Press cloth for press clothfor verticalpress, plant frame, box and diaphragm production at home and abroad; easy to clean, easy to discharge, high strengh, good life effect, used for working conditions and not easy to filter materials;

  In addition,our products are also used in rubber belt vacuum filter,vertical filter press and so on .

  our factory can customize products according to customer's rquipments 


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