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polyester anti-static fabrics

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   The existing polyester mesh has some disadvantages in use. The interface is easy to break on both sides in the later stage, with low service life and poor vertical and horizontal stability. Because the plastic is not conductive, the polyester mesh is easy to accumulate static electricity in the process of use, easy to produce sparks, and there are certain security risks. Moreover, the polyester mesh is made of plastic, with poor wear resistance, short service life, and more High substitution frequency, easy to increase the cost. The polyester mesh adopts the setting of metal coating, which has good conductivity and can conduct the static electricity generated in the work in time. The static electricity will not accumulate continuously, which solves the problem of potential safety hazard. Moreover, the attached metal coating can improve the wear resistance of the polyester mesh, but also maintain the original flexibility of the polyester mesh, which has been made into The utility model has the advantages of low cost, environmental protection, pollution-free and long service life. The utility model is provided with a connecting layer, which connects the upper and the lower layers. The utility model has the advantages of high vertical and horizontal stability and good stiffness, which makes the paper easy to peel off, no netting mark on the paper, high quality and no damage to the integrity of the original texture. The connecting layer adopts the double-sided connection mode, thus greatly increasing the interface strength and avoiding the netting in the high-speed paper machine. The whole polyester net is simple, easy to operate, and the effect of environmental protection and strength is better than the traditional way.


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