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polyester dryer

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  Polyester is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. A polyester mesh is woven from a polyester single wire, and another polyester mesh that can replace the dry blanket or canvas used in a paper oven is called a polyester stem net. 

  Features of polyester braided dry net: 1. Long service life, good wear resistance, low net consumption. 2. High fatigue strength, acid resistance, weak alkali resistance. 3. The net is shallow and dry. 4. Light weight, convenient transportation.

  Use of polyester woven dry net: 1, suitable for copying cultural paper, printing paper, wrapping paper. 2, suitable for a large number of copies of paper bag paper, brown paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, Box paper and so on. 3, suitable for copying advanced printing paper, thin paper and so on. 4, suitable for copying high-speed paper machines, production of various types of paper.


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