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polyester spiral press-filter fabric

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The dry fabric is the dry part of the wet paper web. Traditional drying systems can use a dry fabric to dry a wet paper web from 60% moisture - 2% moisture. Drying fabrics play an important role in giving the final shape, and the parameters of paper drying fabrics are also called conveyor belts.

Polyester spiral press-filter fabric is suitable for high pressure filter press, horizontal belt washing machine, slurry separator and mesh coal washing machine.

Advantages of the polyester spiral press-filter fabric:

  1. With acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life

  2. Smooth surface, good tensile strength and good permeability.

  3. Fill the grid with round lines (2 ~ 5) (a) or black flat wire according to user requirements, adjust the porosity to meet the process requirements.

  4. Carbon fiber has antistatic effect through internal filling, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance and wear resistance.

  5. The size length can be reduced, thereby solving the problem caused by the inaccurate use of the size.

  6. Easy installation and use, no trace on the interface

Application area of the polyester spiral press-filter fabric:

  1. Paper machine canvas instead of dry blanket, drying;

  2. Widely used in the production of paperboard of net, kraft paper, corrugated paper, train ticket paper and single-sided whiteboard paper;

  3. It is also widely used in transportation equipment of coal mine, food, medicine and other industries.



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