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polyester spiral press-filter fabrics

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  The polyester spiral pressure filter has a fine and uniform mesh, which can block the leakage of small objects. After the screw stem net intermediate filler reduces the permeability, the mesh hole is dense, and the loss of the mesh hole is reduced. According to the user's needs, the circular wire or flat wire can be filled in the net, and the permeability can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the process requirements. It is mainly used for sludge dehydration, paper washing, coal washing, chemical engineering, bran dehydration and other industries. The product has the characteristics of stable filtration performance, fine and so on. It can design and manufacture various types of polyester network products according to the user's needs.
  Operators should strictly follow the safety operating rules, strengthen daily inspections(especially during the operation of the water removal machine), regularly check the drive device, porous roller, filter offset correction system, flush the nozzle, filter cloth, scratch plate, etc., and do a good job in daily maintenance work. Make the water removal machine always in a good state: at the same time, the mud injection system and the medicine system must also be regularly inspected to ensure its normal operation.


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