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polyester sprial dryer fabrics

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    The polyester helical dry net is an important auxiliary part of the dry part of the paper machine. It is currently an advanced drying and filtering material. According to the specifications of a single ring, it can be divided into three types of products: large ring, central ring and small ring. I plant production of polyester screw stem network with reference to Finnish product standards organized production, quality stability and long life. Widely used in the production of cardboard beef paper corrugated paper single-sided whiteboard paper, instead of paper machine dry cloth dry blanket, and widely used in coal mine food and other industrial equipment conveyor belt. Our company has continuously made technological innovations suitable for high temperature and humidity, and developed a spiral net with high resistance to hydrolysis, which has greatly improved the product effectiveness and service life. The polyester screw stem net produced by our company adopts high-grade high viscosity polyester chip processing wire, which is formed by molding, weaving, finishing and shaping, and has unique properties.


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