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use of polyester fiber

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Use of polyester nets:
1. the initial stage of operation will produce a natural elongation, the initial period of operation 1-2 days, must pay attention to adjust the tension of the net at any time to reach the standard, maintain tension stability, after 3 days of operation, the elongation of the net tends to be stable.
2. In use, it is necessary to timely spray and clean the nets with high-pressure water. Turn off high pressure water in time to avoid breaking the net.
3. large area rinses when. Can use 5 % alkaline solution or 10 % acidic solution, use soft brush or nylon brush for cleaning, after washing must be washed with clean water.
4. For a long time, the network must be relaxed and the suction system must be stopped. If you need to repair the paper machine in the middle of use, you should be careful to withdraw the network. When you go online, you must use the Internet according to the original operating direction. Inversion is strictly prohibited.


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