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Polyester Mesh Filter Screen

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  Polyester mesh filter screen is a fabric used to separate solid particles from gas, water or other materials. Our polyester strainer series is made from high-quality polyester monofilament yarns with stable physical properties, making them ideal for the printing and filtration industries. Depending on your filtration requirements for certain size particles, all meshes are semi-permeable and have suitable pore sizes.

  Features of Polyester mesh filter screen:

     1. High tensile strength and low elongation.

     2. Excellent elasticity and faster tension stability.

     3. Reduces tension loss during stretching.

     4. Higher tension thresholds and break points.

     5. Excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

     6.Excellent resistance to chemicals such as acids and bases.

     7. Improved registration and beautiful surfaces.

     8.Compared with traditional nylon filters, it retains better in water.

     9. Light weight and low cost.



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