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Working principle of belt filter press

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The dewatering process of belt filter press can be divided into four important stages: pre-treatment, gravity dewatering, wedge-shaped area pre-pressing dewatering and press dewatering. 

1.pre-treatment stage: The flocculated material is gradually added to the filter belt, so that the free water outside the flocs is separated from the flocs under the action of gravity, and the water content of the sludge flocs is gradually reduced and the fluidity becomes worse. Therefore, the dewatering efficiency of gravity dewatering section depends on the nature of filter media, the nature of sludge and the flocculation degree of sludge. The gravity dewatering section removes much of the moisture from the sludge.

2. wedge-shaped pre-press dewatering stage: After gravity dewatering, the fluidity of sludge obviously becomes worse, but it is still difficult to meet the requirements of the press dewatering stage for sludge fluidity. Therefore, between the press dewatering stage and the gravity dewatering stage, a wedge-shaped pre-press dehydrating section was added, through which the sludge was slightly squeezed to dehydrate and remove the free water from its surface, and the fluidity was almost completely lost, thus ensuring that the sludge would not be squeezed out in the press dehydrating section under normal conditions, to create the conditions for smooth crushing and dewatering.


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