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About sewage treatment

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Sludge dehydration fabrics (press-filter fabric)

To incomplete statistics, China's printing and dyeing wastewater discharge accounts for about 40% of the total industrial wastewater discharge, reaching 4106-5106 M3 / D, and discharges more than 950 million tons of wastewater every year The printing and dyeing wastewater is a kind of industrial wastewater which is difficult to be treated because of its wide distribution, great concentration variation, difficult decolorization and high concentration of organic matter.

In order to control pollution and protect environment, it is very important to treat water and sewage deeply and reuse them. The advanced treatment of polluted water can ensure the safety of drinking water and protect human health. The advanced treatment of sewage can make the reuse of sewage resources, reduce production cost and control water pollution. In the final analysis, advanced water treatment and reuse technology is an important measure to protect human survival and development environment. For enterprises to reduce costs, improve profits, to achieve sustainable development also has extraordinary significance.


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