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Troubleshooting of Filter Press

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1. Conveyor belt skidding, the reason is the conveyor belt tension or driving drum surface sticky materials or moisture. The tension screw should be screwed to increase the tension. Clean the driving drum and increase the cleaning force of the empty section sweeper.

2. Conveyor belt at both ends of the run-off, because the drum assembly position is skewed, should tighten the running-off side of the tension device to adjust the screw to the drum position. Adjust the position of the drive roller by adjusting the bearing housing.

3. Conveyor belt in the middle of the deviation, because the idler is not installed in the correct position. Should check whether the roller installation position is perpendicular to the conveyor belt, otherwise loosen the installation bolt to adjust the roller position. Tighten all bolts after adjustment. In addition, the feeding hole blanking point is not in the conveyor belt center may also cause deviation, should improve the feeding situation.


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