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Application of vacuum filter screen

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Vacuum filter belt 

Mine dressing mud water pressure filter equipment coal mud centralized treatment equipment advantages: 

  1. The whole machine frame adopts high strength steel welding structure. High strength and stable structure, enough to support the strong pressure caused by filter press feed long service life.

  2.  Filter plate material for a special formula of high-quality reinforced polypropylene has a smooth surface, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, tasteless and so on.

  3.  Pressure and release filter plate power device: The use of advanced technology integrated electro-hydraulic control using brand original to ensure durable.

  4.  Adopt automatic pull plate, automatic connection plate, high automatic program, solve the separation of slag and water, reduce the operator.

  5.  Adopt high standard process and high technical quality to ensure each product processing industry level.

  6.  Filter cloth smooth surface, good stripping effect, high stability, not easy to deformation, high filtering efficiency, not easy to block, durable.


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