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Characteristics of Polyester Fiber

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Polyesters, like nylon, contract easily after heating, so the shrinkage of the yarn or fabric can be controlled by thermal setting. In addition, the corresponding stress elongation and contraction of different polyester industrial wires that can be produced by adjusting the spinning process are also different. Generally speaking, the spinning speed of the spinneret, the slicing viscosity and other technological conditions are basically the same, and the thermal shrinkage of the fiber + The fracture elongation is relatively close. Not much has changed.
Our country has become the country with the largest production capacity of polyester industrial filaments in the world, and can develop a variety of high strength industrial polyester filament fibers according to different uses.
The physical properties of polyester fiber, in addition to the molecular structure of polyester, are closely related to the spinning process, especially the tensile and heat treatment conditions during spinning. In general, the higher the tensile degree, the higher the orientation of the fiber at the same time, and the higher the fracture strength of the fiber, the lower the break elongation, the higher the strength and low extension fiber, and the higher the thermal shrinkage. On the contrary, it is low strength and high extension fiber, and the thermal shrinkage is reduced. Because polyester fiber is a kind of thermoplastic material, the temperature has a great influence on its mechanical properties.


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