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How to clean filter cloth of filter press quickly

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  For a long time of sludge pressure filtration, it is inevitable that there will be particles on the filter cloth and filter plate of the sludge pressure filter. With the deposition of these particles, the filter aperture of the filter cloth will be blocked. In this state, sludge treatment will inevitably lead to sludge discharge and low efficiency of sludge treatment.

  For the particles on the filter cloth, there are a lot of strong attachment, so it is difficult to wash them directly. Then, according to the nature of the filter sludge, find the substances that are easy to dissolve and add them to the water, soak the filter cloth, then the filter cloth can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. First, consider whether the sludge often filtered is acidic or alkaline. If it is acidic or neutral, choose weak alkaline water to soak the filter cloth. If it is alkaline, use weak acid water to soak it. Generally, the soaking time of 10-24 hours is better. After soaking, the filter cloth will no longer have stubborn stains. It can be washed easily.

  After soaking, the filter cloth can be poured into the washing liquid and washed by hand, or the filter cloth can be fully brushed with a brush to gently brush off the impurities on the filter cloth. After cleaning, rinse the filter cloth and wash away the impurities on it. For the filter cloth that has been used continuously for a month or longer, it may need to be cleaned several times, while for the filter cloth that has been cleaned timely at ordinary times, the cleaning is simpler and faster.


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