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Packaging, transportation, storage standards

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The unprovoked net is rolled on the three network poles, and the end net is rolled with a single bar. Each end leaves a balance of 150-250mm, and the three lengths must be the same.
The surface of the net should be smooth and straight, with no prominent sharp corners. The dirt should be cleaned before the net is rolled, and a layer of bullskin paper should be rolled.
The roll paper is important and the edge of the net coincides neatly. The outer side of the net does not exceed 10mm. According to the length of the net, the appropriate mat is allocated to prevent the swing.
The rolled net should make the interface and the movement sign set several layers, the three rods are triangular, and the rope is tied and firm. If the guide net is attached, the guide net should be docked and rolled online and exposed.
The rolled net outsources a layer of Kraft paper. When wrapped in the second layer, the product qualification certificate and other technical documents are put into it. Plastic bags can also be used instead of Kraft paper.
The packing box should be fitted with suitable fillers to ensure that the mesh is not damaged.
The packing box of the dry net must be suitable for the size of the net, and a device for fixing the net rod must be set so that it will not roll, jump, or run during the transportation process.
The net box manufacturing must be fine, the combination is rigorous, the box cover is fixed with an iron waist, the tip of the nail must not be exposed, and the length of the Internet box is 2.5 m or more, and it should be surrounded by iron corners.
The specifications card attached to one end of the net box shall indicate the product name, specification, arrival station name, receiving unit, and indicate the production and shipping unit.
On both sides of the net box should be marked with words or signs such as "Handle with Care", "Do not invert", "Prevent Humidity", and finally brush the location of the hoisting instructions.
It is forbidden to throw or roll, or to put upside down or stand up.
In the course of net box transportation, it should be isolated from strong acids, strong bases, and organic solvents.
The net box should be properly stored in the library. The storage should not be open to fire, nor should it be exposed to sunlight, and stored separately from strong acids, strong bases, and other organic solvents.


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