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Plug Process

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The purpose of interpolation is to turn the chip network into an interface or an unprovoked interface for customers to install and use.

Problems and Solutions to Interception:

1. Before plugging, it will strictly check whether there is a net disease that affects the insertion interface at both ends of the net, and select a net bar that is free of net disease and consistent with the texture and width of the net surface.

 2.Remove the meridians on both sides of the mesh bar by 5 cm and the weft lines on both sides by 1 cm. Then fix the mesh bar on the    plug machine to determine the order of the integrated texture of the plug and the near wire.

 3.Through the continuous change of the insert machine frame, the operator will root the mesh meridian into the intersection according    to the order of the silk, forming the socket.

 4. At the intersection of the two meridians at the junction of the unified weft, the positions of the two heads are shaped like diamonds     and must not be concentrated on the same weft.

 5. The operator should insert the wire with special tools such as solders or dials. It is not necessary to press the wire directly by hand to   avoid damaging the curvature of the wire.


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