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Storage and Attention of Polyester fiber

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1.polyester network is made of polymer organic materials, should be stored in a room temperature and dry environment, avoid high temperature, Tidal temperature, storage period should not be too long to avoid mesh deformation.
2.When the storage temperature is too high or too low, the net should be placed in the production workshop 2-3 days before use, and then used after storage to avoid changes in length.
1.when the net should be properly protected, strict protection against network hanging, stroke, injury and extrusion of death folding.
2.the mesh is strictly prohibited in the absence of water dry grinding or tension is not suitable to use, so as not to cause the net to start ditch or skid
3.the net is strictly forbidden to turn over the use, otherwise it will wear sharply.
4.It is forbidden to rinse the net with high temperature steam or brush the net with a metal brush.
5.strictly prohibit fireworks and high temperature silver near.


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