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The problems and causes in the use of paper-making forming fabris

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1,The most serious wear of paper machine is at the joint with and without vacuum (10-15cm position of the fabrics edge) . The Solution: 1. Increase the width of the opening of the vacuum box. 2. Add normal pressure lubricating water to the edge of the vacuum chamber. 3. Apply stiffeners at appropriate locations. 4. Check the edges of the wiper plate and vacuum box for edges or gaps. In particular, the joints of the ceramic panel is a weak link 5. check the edge of the roller whether there is serious wear (wear after the diameter of the fabrics smaller than normal fabrics surface further speed up wear).

2,the overall wear is too fast: 1. the quality of the panel. 2. The fabrics tension is small, the single-layer fabrics return tension is 3-4 kg / cm, the double-layer forming fabrics return tension is 5-6 kg / cm. 3. Poor packing quality. 4. the fabrics breathes the big packing to lose many, between the fabrics and the vacuum box panel has the excessive packing particle also to be faster the fabrics overall attrition. 5. the fabrics breathes the small filter water slowly is only the vacuum degree increases speeds up the wear. 6. The speed of the guide roller is out of step with the speed of the fabrics. 7. unsynchronized interfabrics speeds.

3, local longitudinal long too fast wear: forming plate, scraping plate, vacuum box panel whether there are wrong stubble, uneven and gap; whether the roller has local wear and corrosion.

4, local longitudinal through the long drum: forming plate, scraping plate, vacuum box panel whether there is wrong, uneven, chest roll vacuum ambush roll whether there is solder, and so on, whether there are impurities wrapped cots.

5, ROLL WINDING PULP: cleaning water pressure low fabrics internal fiber; fabrics ventilation is low; cleaning method problem two half fabrics should clean the fabrics out of the paper, whether the nozzle is blocked, the best distance between the nozzle and the fabrics surface is 15-20 cm.

6, Vacuum box top pulp: the Mesh permeability is not appropriate, pulp fiber loss more short, retention agent quality or less added When the fabrics is running,

7,the range of movement is large: The corrector is not working properly, the fabrics edge cutting is not straight.

8. The fabrics becomes narrow after using for a period of time: The forming plate, the scraping plate, the face plate of the vacuum box or the guide roller is worn locally, which causes the fabrics to run for a period of time, and the sign line is inclined (the local fabrics is not running consistently).

9. The life of the forming fabrics will decrease, mainly because the water line is shorter and the wear is faster. The life of the forming fabrics will decrease, but the life of the forming fabrics will decrease. Average life expectancy is down by a third or even a half.


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